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Überman Überman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think there's an interesting juxtaposition between the barbaric violent state of humaniy, and the natural nude state. But I could just be reading too much into mindless entertainment. I did think the jokes were OK, but not being homophobic myself, I thought they were in vein. I like the song and how it's placed though.

Flecky responds:

Haha, yeah that's a classic example of an Art Critique finding a meaning in nothing, like when they say a single red line painted down a white canvas means that "the subject is frustrated with the world around him as it becomes more and more monotonous..." Yeah, whatever, it's a line painted down a blank canvas! Wow!

But yeah, I purely meant this as random, quick, lighthearted violence. If you've seen any of my other submissions they're very slow! So I decided to go really quick this time.

Thanks, I synched the animation with the song, if it plays slower on your computer, unfortunately it will go out of synch, but I cant do much about that.

Thanks again for the smashing review.

Survivor Afghanistan fin. Survivor Afghanistan fin.

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This strikes me as racist

For one thing: I hope you know not all Afganies are Tallaban, or terrorists. Infact %94 of all Muslams are pasafists. And that 6% isn't all made up of Tallaban anyway. Also, your concept is flawed as Suvivour is about taking gold digger Americans and sending the to tropical islands and prettending they have no food. I hope you already know all of this because I would hate to think your just that ignorent.

Goshmo responds:

rofl AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Did i eva say muslims r terrorists? Did i eva say Afghanies are terrorists?? No i said talliban r terrorists! Ahahaha lol ur so confused n ignorent n stupid. And ahaha ur soo stupid lol its parody dumb ass lol its different! Its a friken parodie lol u look to me to be a very idiotic person. Just live a little n think. THINK!!

Recent Audio Reviews

Bloodshot eyes Bloodshot eyes

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One of the best songs I've herd in a while!

There must be more songs, yet this is the only one here! It is awsome and worth more credit.

The Freedom The Freedom

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A good little peice

This is my first music review, and I probably messed up the scoring but...

I just had to review it to comment how it sounded like something right out of Final Fantasy 7, (thus the low originality score). And probably a lot of other games from that time.

It actualy is pretty good, and if I ever made an RPG with a scene where a charactor grows up a little (emotionaly,) I'd use it. Mabe just a little more harmony next time though.

DampeS8N responds:

Haha.. I take being compared to Final Fantasy music as a compliment... and yes.. I know you left the comment forever ago. Surprise!